Homeward Bound Animal Shelter
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is recognized by various organizations for the following:
*Spay/Neuter Awareness Month - get those pets spayed and neutered. 
*National Cat Health Month - cats should have yearly check-ups
*National Pet Dental Health Month - good dental health leads to good overall health

February 20th - National LOVE YOUR PET DAY!!!

February 3rd was -  FEED THE BIRDS DAY!
We have a couple of bird feeders outside the window of each cat room which provides much entertainment for our cat and kittens.  We could always use a donation of bird feed to keep those tails switching back and forth.

You Can Help with Your Tax Dollar
When doing your taxes this year, please keep your local animal shelters in mind. By checking the box on your tax return to voluntary contribute to the Animal Welfare Fund you will be helping animals in the state of Michigan. Homeward Bound has applied and received grants from the Animal Welfare Fund to help spay and neuter our shelter animals.  For more information please click here.

                       Animal Intake
All animal intakes are done by appointment.  If you need to bring in an animal to the shelter, you must call the shelter ahead of time.  Depending on space availability, you may be placed on our waiting list. Priority is given to residents in Manistee County.

Please call us at (231)723-7387 to make an appointment.

PawPrint SymbolAdoption Hours:PawPrint Symbol

Wednesday:  12:00 - 6:00 PM

Thursday: Noon-4:00 PM
Friday: Noon- 4:00 PM
Saturday: Noon-4:00 PM

*Appointments available please call*

Shelter Phone: (231) 723- PETS (7387)

Animal Control: (231) 723-3170

Winter weather driving your dog stir crazy? Here are some indoor activities you can do with them:

Brain-Teaser -
Keep your dog thinking and entertained at the same time.  Get a puzzle toy filled with a treat and have them figure out how to get the treat.
Hide & Seek - Does your dog have a strong sniffer and likes to play with toys, try a little game of hide and seek in the house. "Hide" your dog's favorite toy in a room or on a piece of furniture (don't hide it too hard) and tell your dog to "find it".  If they don't seem to know what to do, encourage your dog until they seem to understand. Eventually they will get better and it's an opportunity to train to understand a "go find" command.  If they don't figure out how to find a toy, you can always try hiding yourself and have them find you.
Stairs - Weather too cold to go outside or no safe place to walk, have your dog run up and down the stairs (assuming you have some) which can be great exercise for both you and your dog. Please keep in mind of your pet's health and joints, this will not be an activity suited for dogs with joint problems.
Cuddle - Nothing like a great cuddle with your best friend.

A couple of the feeders our cats enjoy watching.

Did you know?

                Community Ad
Please take a moment to watch this video made by the students at Manistee High School.

                              Current  Events
We have several upcoming fundraisers so please check out our event section for more information.
 *Crafting for Critters - Saturday, March 18th
 *Raining Cats and Dogs Soup Supper - Thursday, March 23
 *Ruff and Whiskers Dinner/Dance and Silent Auction - Saturday, April 29
Silent Auction and Sponsorship forms are now available for Ruff & Whiskers Dinner Dance - please go to our Event page.

                                  PUBS 4 PAWS WINNERS

Give a Buck. Change their luck.  That is exactly what happen with Homeward Bound’s PUBS 4 PAWS fundraiser.  Twenty Manistee County area bars participated by selling “paws” to support Homeward Bound Animal Shelter from Nov 16th thru Dec 14th.  “It is a great way for small donations to add up to a big donation to help our shelter”  said Deb Green, event chairperson and Manistee County Humane Society Board Member.  “Thank you to the Manistee community and bars for supporting this great fundraiser.”  All the proceeds help animal in need at Homeward Bound.

The winning bar that sold the most paws was Trak’s Bar & Grill in Brethern. They received the PUBS 4 PAWS traveling trophy to display until next year along with a gift card donated by Meijer. The winning servers were Amanda from Trak’s Bar and Grill and Shelby from Grille 44 in Bear Lake. They each received a Meijer’s gift card, a gift certificate for a free grinder from Mancinio’s and Homeward Bound  t-shirt..

Pat the owner of the winning bar Tracks with Deb Green Vice-President of Manistee County Humane Society and event chair.