Fundraising - The shelter relies on donations, memberships, grants and fundraising to financially support shelter operations.  If you like planning and being part of a fun group while at the same time helping animals, be a part of one of the various fundraisers supporting the shelter.  There are opportunities to be involved with planning the event or helping out on the day of the event.

Office Support - Do you like greeting people, answering phones or computer work?  There are opportunities to help in the reception area welcoming visitors and answering the phone.  If you like to work on the computer, you may be able to help with record keeping or spreadsheet information.  Talk with our Shelter Manager on how your skills can help.

                         Volunteer Opportunities Include

                  *Dog kennel cleaner           *  Gardening

                  *Cat room cleaner              *  Window Cleaning

                  *Laundry                             *  Office Cleaning

                  *Office support                    *  Socializing

                  *Yard maintenance             *  Fundraising

Socializing- An important part of each animal's stay is positively interacting with people.  Some are scared and/or shy and need reassurance they will be safe and well cared for.  We want all our dogs to have playtime and exercise but we need your help to ensure each dog has time outside their kennel.  While our cats have playtime outside their cages, we need you to interact and play with them which helps with their socialization.  Some of our animals have longer hair which requires brushing and/or combing on a regular basis.  If you like to spend time with animals, come see how you can help improve their time at the shelter.

Homeward Bound Animal Shelter cares for approximately 100 animals on a daily basis.  There are only two full time staff members, a handful of part-time cleaners and a few regular volunteers who care for the animals 365 days of the year.  The shelter is always in need of volunteers to help with a variety of tasks.  If you can give of your time daily, weekly, or periodically, there is something you can do.  Please contact the shelter to see how you can help.

Dog kennel cleaner - We are always looking for volunteers to help supplement the staff in cleaning the kennels, feeding and watering the dogs. Cleaning typically takes 2-3 hrs in the morning.  If you can help out or help fill in, please let our Shelter Manager know your availability.  Some training will be involved.  This is a very rewarding job providing clean living quarters, clean bedding with food and water for the dogs.  You are rewarded with wagging tails, wet kisses and knowing you helped made the dog's stay at the shelter a good place to be while they wait for their new family.

Office and Window Cleaning - Besides the dog and cat living quarters, other areas of the shelter must be cleaned daily including the reception area, hallways, bathroom and kitchen.  Most of the cleaning involves mopping floors and cleaning litter boxes for the cats residing in the reception area. Cleaning time for these areas is approximately 2 hours.  Windows are cleaned on an as needed basis typically to make room for more nose art.

Laundry-We provide each of our animals with a warm blanket to sleep on.  Each day soiled blankets are replaced with a clean one.  On a less frequent basis cat hammocks and toys must be washed and cleaned.  Laundry is done daily with one load taking an hour to complete.  This is typically completed during the cleaning time in the morning or during the shelter's public open hours.  However, accommodations can be made to fit your schedule.  Please inquire with the Shelter Manager on how you can help fill this need.

Yard Maintenance and Gardening- Is outside work more to your liking? During the spring, summer and fall months you can help with keeping our yards clean for our volunteers and dogs to play in. Are flowers and plants your thing?  We have a small garden area where your green thumb will be handy in helping to plant flowers and keeping it weed free.  Got some gardening ideas? We are always happy to hear how we can improve our grounds.

Cat cleaner- We are always looking for volunteers to help supplement the staff in cleaning the cat room and cages - cleaning litter boxes, mopping floors, feeding and watering the cats. Cleaning typically takes 2-3 hrs in the morning.  If you can help out or help fill in, please let our shelter Manager know your availability.  Some training will be involved.  Do you like watching cats and their antics, do you enjoy the sound of cats purring, you will get all that and more by spending time in the cat rooms keeping their cages and room clean.