We have a trainer working with Maxwell to help him become a better listener. He has done so well during his training. He is coming to an end of the training sessions and we are happy to see the progress that this BIG BOY has shown. Maxwell needs a home with a loving family that understands his need for continuous training. He will need time to adjust to a family life.  Please consider this handsome boy for adoption for your family. Maxwell will need to be in a home with older children and no other pets. 

Velvet is a friendly and attention loving all black male tabby with a cute tiny white spot on his chest.  He has been at the shelter since April of 2017 when he was a one month old kitten.  He is all grown up and still looking for a family of his own.  Velvet is a beautiful and wonderful boy who will fill your life with joy. 

Boo Boo

Boo Boo came to the shelter as a stray with a lot of wounds and a broken jaw. It was clear that this guy needed our help. Boo Boo was either hit by a car or was an abused dog before coming to us. It took him a couple of months to get him healthy and for his jaw to heal. After he got his all clear for adoption by his veterinarian, we began to work with Boo Boo to get him adopted. He started to have kennel anxiety and had no manners on or off leash. We called Steve Lankfer from Downtown Dog Training to help him. With all the training he is able to play and socialize with other dogs and he will do well with a family with children 10 years old or older and he needs to be in a home with another stable dog. Cats are not on his list of friends. Check him out now, he is beyond happy and ready for a new home. 

Have you met our boy Maxwell? He is a super sweet guy that has been waiting almost 4 years for his forever family. Max is a big, strong boy who enjoys all the attention so he wants to be the only pet. He loves people, his toys, relaxing in the yard. and he certainly won't pass up a treat. He melts to the floor with a back rub and when he does, don't miss scatching his belly and becoming his next BFF. Max is playful and can get excited at times but he is also calm and loving. He gives wet kisses and enjoys a warm and cuddly bed. Can't adopt? He sure would love to spend time with you outside his kennel. Sit with him in the meet and greet room and play rope tug, throw a ball or just read to him...he prefers the dog hero stories especially where a Pit is the hero. He likes to meet and pass the time with old and new friends until his forever family finds him. So pass the word, Maxwell is ready for 2018 to be his best year yet!

Yes, Maxwell has been at the shelter for almost four years. Many question why so long. He was born a Pit Mix which unfortunately comes with some negative preconceived labels. Max is also a very big boy who is also strong and when he becomes excited can be hard to handle for so many. He needs a family that will positively channel his energy, but he is also calm and very sweet. Due to his size and youthful energy, he could unwittingly knock down small children and others unstable on their feet. So he will need a family who is willing to work on his manners when he becomes excited. He also needs to be the only pet and for many who were interested in him, they had other pets in the home. He would do wonderful with a family with a fenced in yard where he could burn off his energy before a walk because he can walk nicely on a leash and be calm in the home.

The shelter has inquired with other shelters and rescue organizations about taking him in to give him a larger audience to help him get adopted. However, many shelters will not take in Pits or Pit Mixes or they have their own "Maxwell" to find a home for. So while he is at Homeward Bound, Maxwell gets time out in the yard and two walks every day. He gets health care and a lot of love and attention from staff and volunteers. We realize this is no substitute for a loving home, but we are dedicated to providing for all his needs until his new family takes this wonderful boy into their home.​​