Pets at the shelter 1-2 years

​Have you met our boy Maxwell? He is a super sweet guy that has been waiting almost 4 years for his forever family. Max is a big, strong boy who enjoys all the attention so he wants to be the only pet. He loves people, his toys, relaxing in the yard. and he certainly won't pass up a treat. He melts to the floor with a back rub and when he does, don't miss scatching his belly and becoming his next BFF. Max is playful and can get excited at times but he is also calm and loving. He gives wet kisses and enjoys a warm and cuddly bed. Can't adopt? He sure would love to spend time with you outside his kennel. Sit with him in the meet and greet room and play rope tug, throw a ball or just read to him...he prefers the dog hero stories especially where a Pit is the hero. He likes to meet and pass the time with old and new friends until his forever family finds him. So pass the word, Maxwell is ready for 2018 to be his best year yet!

Yes, Maxwell has been at the shelter for almost four years. Many question why so long. He was born a Pit Mix which unfortunately comes with some negative preconceived labels. Max is also a very big boy who is also strong and when he becomes excited can be hard to handle for so many. He needs a family that will positively channel his energy, but he is also calm and very sweet. Due to his size and youthful energy, he could unwittingly knock down small children and others unstable on their feet. So he will need a family who is willing to work on his manners when he becomes excited. He also needs to be the only pet and for many who were interested in him, they had other pets in the home. He would do wonderful with a family with a fenced in yard where he could burn off his energy before a walk because he can walk nicely on a leash and be calm in the home.

The shelter has inquired with other shelters and rescue organizations about taking him in to give him a larger audience to help him get adopted. However, many shelters will not take in Pits or Pit Mixes or they have their own "Maxwell" to find a home for. So while he is at Homeward Bound, Maxwell gets time out in the yard and two walks every day. He gets health care and a lot of love and attention from staff and volunteers. We realize this is no substitute for a loving home, but we are dedicated to providing for all his needs until his new family takes this wonderful boy into their home.​​

                                                           Adopting an Older Pet

Some of the most common concerns about not wanting to adopt a senior pet are:

*They won't live as long and I don't want to go through the emotional turmoil so soon.
Maybe. Many of us have lost young pets to illness or accident. There is no guarantee that a young pet will be with you for years either. But each pet that comes into your life can make happy memories for several years, and that's a long time. If it's a very senior pet, than you can be left with the wonderful memory that the last part of their life you were responsible for making them feel loved and secure.

*They won't bond with the family.
This has simply not proved to be true. They do bond with the family, equally as strongly as a younger pet. Most senior pets seem to realize what a gift they've been given and are truly grateful for it.

*Their history is unknown.
The vast majority of pets that come to the shelter, even younger ones, have an unknown history.  Often a senior pet comes into the shelter because their owner has died or become unable to care for them. Many times they've lost a lifetime companion and are confused by what's happened to their lives and finding themselves in a shelter environment stresses them out more than a younger one. You cannot always judge their true personality in a shelter environment.

*They may have age related health issues.
True, but many don't, and these are issues that you will have to face at some point in time with any pet. Many of the treatments for the health related issues are not expensive and can maintain a good quality of life for a very long time.

The benefits to adopting an older pet are many:

*You are not committing to 10 plus years. This can be appealing to the middle-aged baby boomer group, and the older adopter who is thinking about retirement and traveling. Some senior folks want a dog but are afraid that the dog will outlive them and then worries about what would happen to the dog. The senior dog can be the perfect answer.

*They are calmer and not as wild as their younger counterparts. This may be appealing especially if you are a first time pet owner.

* They are appreciative. The older pets seem to know what they've been given and are grateful for it.

* Providing a home to an older pet which are typically overlooked, especially in a shelter environment, gives you such a rewarding feeling and one returned by your new pet.

Pets at the shelter 6 -12 months

Pets at the shelter 2-3 years

Pets at the shelter 3 plus years.


Please take a moment to view our Long Term Residents at Homeward Bound Animal Shelter which are dogs who have been at the shelter longer than 6 months and the cats longer than 1 year. We do our best to provide the best care for all of our animals, however, the shelter is no substitute for a loving home.  Please consider one of these pets as they have been waiting a very long time to find their forever families.  Just a little patience, understanding and in some cases training is all they need to be that perfect addition you are looking for
See the bottom of the page about adopting older pets. 

Senior to Senior Program
Pets are a lifesaving companion for many who live alone especially for seniors.  Our Senior to Senior program aims to make it easier for people 61 years and older to adopt a cat.  The program waives the adoption fee if they adopt a cat older than 5 years old or has been at the shelter one year or more.  In addition, they will receive a free litter box, scooper, small bag of litter and food. If you're a senior or know someone who is and thinking about adopting a cat, come and see if one of our qualifying cats will be a perfect companion.