This is Bruce we adopted him 5 years ago. If I remember right his mom and siblings were there as well and all had names from the finding nemo movie.

He's the best cat and everyone who meets him loves him. We're so happy we got to be his forever home

Bea is loved by her new family who think she is a real sweetie.

My husband and I adopted our dog, Gabe (beagle pit mix) from there in 2011. He was a puppy there with his siblings, Gabby and Galen. He was a little skittish at first, but after a little time and affection, he became the sweetest pup. He has been through a lot with us. From moving into our home, to getting married, to even having our first born son. He is very protective of our son, and is always watching over him. They are already best friends! Gabe is honestly the best dog we could have picked for our family, so thank you homeward bound. It has been a fun 6 years!

Brian - "We wanted to give you an update on "Brian". We love him and he is fitting in very well. We have renamed him Oliver and call him Ollie for short. Here is a photo of us with him."

We adopted "Oblina", the black beauty (now her name is Sabrina) a couple years ago and have never once regretted out decision. She has tons of love for everyone, including the abandoned kitten we found that she has adopted as her own. She has definitely brightened our lives

Here are some photos of Battley. Our family adopted him from Homeward Bound just over 2 years ago (I think it was only 2 years) but it seems as if he has always been a part of this family. He is the most relaxed, easy going dog ever, especially since we had twin baby boys about 1.5 years old when we adopted him, and they are definitely little terrors lol. He's so patient and loving. A perfect fit for our family.

Sadie (Chocolate Lab mix) - "Sadie is happy to be home, she's doing awesome β™‘ we love her to pieces, Thank you so much for everything [πŸ™‚] "

This is Harlow! We adopted him about eight years ago from Homeward Bound when he was only a few months old. He was full of energy and enjoyed running laps around the kitten room. Our other two cats weren't entirely thrilled when we brought him home, but they warmed up eventually. Harlow is only sweet when he wants to be and has more attitude than you could ever imagine. He loves giving neck massages, eating soft food, and napping in secret hiding spots. He's terrified of vacuums, plastic bags, and pugs. Despite his sassiness, he's truly the most handsome boy and you can't help but love him. I think it's safe to say he's spoiled rotten and highly approves of his forever home.

We adopted Peachy in September 2016. He sure hopes his brothers Mango and Sunkist are doing as well as he is! Peachy loves sinks and showers (anything involving water, really!), playing on his cat trees, smelling the fresh air and watching birds from his window perch, and generally being spoiled! He is full of kitten energy and getting bigger by the day. Thank you Homeward Bound for taking care of this little guy until he found his home with us. He is a joy, and we love him very much!
- Jodi and Andy

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Hello I'd like to share our success story [πŸ™‚] we adopted Kya ( now Prada) about 2 years ago now I believe possibly close to 3. We had found out that Kya has been my dog previously as a puppy I moved into my sister's apartment which could not have dogs and we gave her to a family friend to hold on to. When we saw Kya in the shelter we just knew that she was our puppy so we called around and who we had given her to had put her in the shelter. As soon as my husband got paid we went straight to the shelter to pick her up. She picked right back up at the name Prada and is the same spoiled pup she has always been. So glad that we found her and got a chance to be reunited. Prada just had her fourth birthday on February 2nd [πŸ™‚]

Hi - I see you wanted an update on animals adopted at Homeward Bound. This is Missy and she is 11 years old. We adopted her about 10 years ago. As you can see, she lives a life of leisure! She is the sweetest dog ever except for being a bed hog.

Riffle now known as Buddy [πŸ™‚] loving life thank you letting us add him to our family

This is our Roxy. My brother adopted her approximately 7 years ago. He had her for two years, and then he gave her to us because he was moving and was unable to keep her. She is our 6 year old son's best friend.

Thank you so much for taking care of me until I found my forever home.  Here is a picture of me taken last summer out in my new yard, and also a picture of me in Obedience Class this week.  Mom says I did really well learning to work around other Dogs. She took the picture so one of the other Dog dads offered to hold me for her.  I am doing well, and bonded with my mom right away.  We sleep together and spend lots of time together.  I also have a sister, Boo, who is a 12 year old Lab mix and we play a lot.  She can't play as long or as rough as I do, so mom limits our play time.  I do have a friend Barney who is a little younger than I am, he is a sled dog, and a mix of retriever and husky.  We get together for play dates and have lots of fun. I also have a Cat brother who likes to play with me, the other Cats here are kind of snooty and don't like to play.  Mom says when the weather gets better we're going to an agility class again like we did last year.  I don't like the cold at all, even with a coat on, so we are looking forward to warmer weather.  I am very happy in my new home, and it was so nice to see all of you at the Dog walk last September!
Lots of Love,

Hi, we're the family that adopted Mango in September. He is doing great in his new home! He's quite the character [πŸ™‚]

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Adoption Success Stories

Klohe - Now named Stella has bonded with her family, hates fireworks and loves to play music with her French fry squeaky toy.