Do you have a pet that needs to be spayed or neutered but need a little financial help? Please check out a couple of community programs whose mission is to help individuals with spay and neuter costs. 

SNAG (Spay Neuter Action Group) is a volunteer non-profit group that provides assistance with the cost for either your cat or dog.  Please call 231-889-0182 for more information.

Save a Buddy Fund is a non-profit which provides two spay-neuter programs in Manistee.  The Pit Stop Program and the Canine Spay Neuter Assistance Program.  The Pit Stop Program offers $100 in spay-neuter assistance for pitbulls and pit mixes. Call 231-463-7425 for more information about these two programs.


Parkdale Animal Hospital - Food Donations

Irons Animal Hospital
Elizabeth Kauffman, D.V.M.
11169 N M 37, Irons, MI  49644
(231) 862 3113

Veterinary Medical Center
James D. Frederick, D.V.M.
243 North Jebavy Drive, Ludington, MI  49431
(231) 845 0585


Parkdale Animal Hospital

Laura Betts, D.V.M.

420 East Parkdale Avenue, Manistee, MI 49660

(231) 723 8998

Country Veterinary Clinic, P.C.
Rex Paine, D.V.M., Laura Waldo, D.V.M., Glen Walquist, D.V.M.
2750 North Stiles Road, Ludington, MI  49431
(231) 843 3213

Manistee Veterinary Hospital
Dr. Carolyn Brown, D.V.M.
4006 Chippewa Hwy
Manistee, MI  49660
(231) 723-9000

Dog Trainers: 

Julie Parker, ABCDT Certified Dog Trainer
Phone: (904) 471-5579


Sports Ink                                            Lucky Lizard Awards & Gifts
316 Parkdale Ave                                 316 Parkdale Ave                                             
Manistee, MI  49660                             Manistee, MI 49660  
231-723-5696                                      231-723-5696                        

Edward Jones
Jeff Reau
363 River St, Manistee, MI 49660
(231) 723-3533

Family Farm & Home

1183 US 31 South
Manistee, MI  49660
(231) 723-6650

Manistee News Advocate

Port City Organics
328 1
st Street
Manistee, MI  49660
(231) 398-3060

Our shelter could not operate without our community and supporters.  So many wonderful individuals, organizations and businesses have helped the shelter by raising donations in supplies, food and funds.  We appreciated their dedication and generosity. We like to give back by participating in or holding various events in the community.

Parkdale  Animal Hospital will match food donations pound for pound that are dropped off at their office for the shelter.  They have donated over 60,000 lbs of food to the shelter!!  If you are considering a food donation, stop in and drop off your donation and have your contribution doubled.

Spay/Neuter Help for Your Pet

Community Spirit

These businesses have been supportive in helping us. We hope they can help you, especially with your pet care needs.